Our people

Brandon Compeer, MSc

Assistant Study Director
+31 (0) 30 635 5444

In 2023, Brandon Compeer joined Artemis Bioservices as a PhD student and Assistant Study Director. Prior to joining Artemis, Brandon completed his Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a specialization in Immunology from VU Amsterdam. During his studies, Brandon developed a keen interest in virology. As a result, after completing his studies, Brandon joined the Competence Center Influenza team at Abbott, where he worked on improving the annual flu vaccines through innovative and optimized approaches. At Abbott, Brandon completed several projects under GMP conditions and applied his knowledge on molecular biology techniques including Next-Generation-Sequencing and RT-qPCR.
In his current roles at Artemis, Brandon will be involved in several virology-related projects, both internally and externally, with a particular focus on SARS-CoV-2 initiatives. His aim is to contribute to the overall mission of Artemis Bioservices by supporting clients in advancing their preclinical and clinical projects.

Lamyae Chemlal, MSc

+31 (0) 30 635 5444

Lamyae completed the Honour’s program in Pharmaceutical Sciences and obtained a Master’s degree in Science and Business Management from the esteemed Graduate School of Life Sciences at Utrecht University. She obtained experience in microbiology, cell culture, and several serological assays during her research projects at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Central Diagnostics Laboratory at University Medical Center Utrecht. Currently Lamyae is working as a Lab Technician at Artemis Bioservices where she is committed to expanding her scientific horizons and refining her skills in virology research.

Mangalagouri Narayan Hegde

+31 (0)30 6355444

Mangalagouri Narayan Hegde studied and graduated as master in Biotechnology from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (SSSIHL) India in 2016. She started her career as clinical research coordinator in MSCR Bangalore, India, and has worked in-vivo and in-vitro studies of the products involved in various projects, until 2017. Later she moved on to become a lecturer in biology till 2021 in various educational institutions in India. She has guided many students in theory, competitive examinations and in laboratory developing students experimental skills related to biosciences.

Annazulia Martina, BA

Business continuity manager and archivist
+31 (0)30 6355444

Annazulia Martina took the opportunity after she graduated from Hogeschool Rotterdam in 2020, to assist Artemis Bioservices with the marketing- and business development strategy. In 2016 she started her ‘’international business and management’’ study. In her 3rd year, she did her internship at an International Brand and Lifestyle agency company. During this internship she worked with several International lifestyle brands and was strongly involved in their sales and marketing. She attended business meetings, two big international fairs in France, and performed multiple store visits.

Because of the small size of the company, she learned a lot about interacting with customers and the importance and appreciation of having a good customer relationship. This realization was evenly important when she started her thesis assignment in a company that developed aviation security devices. In such a complex and highly legislated industry, a well thought marketing plan and the execution is crucial. At Artemis Bioservices she is involved in marketing, business development and she is the official archivist.

Kübra Alışkan, MSc

QA Manager
+31 (0)30 6355444

Since 2021 Kübra Alışkan has been working for Artemis Bioservices B.V as QA Manager, to oversee the quality management system and ensure that the organization and documentation meet all relevant standard requirements and legal regulations.

Kübra Alışkan received a Master of Science degree in Quality and Conformity Assessment Engineering from Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey. She worked as Inspection Expert and Product, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Auditor from January 2013 to February 2019 at the Council for Quality and Environment (CQE) in Ankara, Turkey which is accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK) according to the international standards: ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17021-1. Between March 2019 and January 2021, she worked as Quality Assurance Officer at NMi Certain B.V. in Delft, the Netherlands which is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) according to the international standards: ISO/IEC 17025 , ISO/IEC 17021-1, ISO/IEC 17020.

Sudip Kumar Dutta, PhD

QC manager and Study Director
+31 (0)30 6355444

Sudip Kumar Dutta is head of Research and Development at Artemis Bioservices. In 2019, he received his PhD in life science and biotechnology from Jadavpur University Kolkata, India. During his PhD he worked on Chikungunya and Dengue viruses, their mechanism of action, host virus interaction and antiviral discovery. In the same year, he joined Artemis Bioservices.

Presently, his research focuses on viral vaccine development using structural vaccinology in-silico (bioinformatics) and in-vitro (assay development, cellular imaging, fluorescence microscopy) approaches. He also works on furthering our understanding of antibody dependent enhancement and antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. He is involved in multiple projects, funded by EUROSTARS and a MIT R&D collaborative grant. He is well versed in handling experiments with BSL-2 and BSL-3 viruses (ZIKV, CHIKV, DENV, SARSCoV-2).

Wendy van Zuijlen, PhD

Study Director
+31 (0)30 6355444

Wendy van Zuijlen is a Study Director at Artemis Bioservices with over 12 years of research experience in the fields of virology and immunology. Since 2021, she has been responsible for the management of Artemis Bioservices projects evaluating the immunogenicity and efficacy of novel antivirals and vaccines.

She completed her PhD in immunology at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland, Australia, and validated therapeutic targets in vitro and in vivo to treat chronic inflammatory diseases, as part of a joint venture with AstraZeneca. She undertook a 3.5 year-postdoc at the University of Montreal, Canada, funded by a fellowship from the Societé Québécoise d’Hypertension Artérielle, working on cell signalling and the immune response to viral infections. In early 2013, she returned to Australia to lead and perform Cytomegalovirus research projects at the University of New South Wales. She supervised four Honours students, one Master student, and one PhD student to successful degree completion. 

Stephanie Lim, PhD

Study Director
+31 (0)30 6355444

In 2015, Stephanie Lim joined Artemis as a post-doc, where she was involved in the development of vaccination-challenge models for chikungunya virus (CHIKV), the development and implementation of several immunogenicity assays, and in the setting-up of recombinant protein production systems (HEK suspension cell and Leishmania expression system). In 2018, she joined Artemis as Study a Director. Here she is responsible for the implementation of the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) quality system, and for the management of projects focusing on seed virus stock production or evaluating viral vaccine efficacy.

Stephanie Lim obtained a Master’s degree in Infection and Immunity at Utrecht University, Netherlands in 2010. Shortly after, she joined the Department of Virology at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam (NL) to obtain a PhD degree. During this period, she worked on the pathogenesis of West Nile virus (WNV) both in vitro and in vivo (mice and corvids) and also worked on the development and evaluation of two WNV vaccine candidates in a mouse model.

Jeroen Roose, BSc

Sr. Technician and equipment manager
+31 (0)30 6355444

Since 2014, Jeroen Roose has been working for Artemis. He is responsible, as a technical centipede, for all lab technical matters in the broadest sense of the word. After a career of 15 years as an entrepreneur in the leisure and hospitality business, Jeroen Roose decided in 2005 to drastically change his life and started his Bachelor of Applied Science study. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in 2009, he immediately started working as a research technician in the Exotic Viruses group of Byron Martina at the Department of Virology in Erasmus Medical Center, where he gained a lot of technical knowledge and worked extensively with dengue, chikungunya and rabies viruses.

He is also one of the founders of AthenaTecs BV, where he fulfills the position of Head of Research and Development. AthenaTecs BV is a company that, in addition to acquiring distributorships of multiple point-of-care devices, focuses on the design of reagents and other consumables, which can be used for the point-of-care devices.

Ruud van Hofwegen is CFO at Artemis Bioservices, and our financial expert since 2016. With more than a decade of experience in both finance and commerce, he knows what it takes to stay at the forefront of business. As CFO, he ensures the professional execution of our everyday financial management, while keeping a sharp eye on opportunities to take our financial processes to the next level.

Over the years, he has developed a passion for supporting innovative medical and biotech companies by providing full-service solutions and has worked since 2012 for several other med and biotech companies and as of 2016 as a freelancer. He has worked for +15 startups in several consultancy roles. Besides Artemis Bioservices BV, Ruud is working as Finance Director of VarmX, Mellon Medical, and Enzyre.

Guido has a strong, over 15-year track record in life sciences (Pharming, Radboudumc, Gadeta, Bergman Clinics, Enzyre). He successfully closed several equity financing rounds, raised over €10M in non-dilutive funding (IK, EFRO, FP7, WBSO), and successfully closed multiple deals with big pharma. At Bergman Clinics he set up and led a state of the art treatment center with 5 operation rooms treating thousands of patients each year. He is currently CEO of Enzyre and supports Artemis Bioservices part time with its operations.

Since 2017 is Byron Martina the CEO of Artemis, where his group focuses on the pathogenesis of emerging viral infections, development of intervention strategies against these diseases, and evaluation of vaccine immunogenicity and efficacy. He studied Biomedical Sciences and graduated as a Master in Infection and Immunity at De Montfort University in Leicester (UK) in 1998. Then he joined the Department of Virology at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam (NL), to obtain his PhD degree in 2003. After his PhD he joined the “Emerging Viruses” team of the same department where he worked on studying the pathogenesis of, and development of intervention strategies against the SARS-Coronavirus. Between 2008 and 2018 he was team leader of the group “exotic viruses” of the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam.

Byron has developed and implemented immunogenicity packages within Artemis Bioservices to help map the correlates of protection and demonstrate the efficacy of vaccine or antivirals. He is founder and CEO of AthenaVax B.V, a company that focuses on the development of personalized vaccines against cancer. He has ample experience with the development and use of preclinical animal models and bio-analytical in vitro assays. He supervised eight PhD students. Byron is (co-)author on more than 100 peer reviewed papers, H-index of 37 per 2020.

Martin his experience in virology started in 1990 as researcher in HIV-1/2 basic research. In order to broaden his knowledge in the field of Virology he changed position in 1998 to start working in the field of virus diagnostics. In 2009 he became Head of the unit Clinical Virology and was in this position responsible for finance, HRM and quality of the virus diagnostic portfolio. In January 2015 he started working full time as Director Clinical Services at Viroclinics Biosciences BV with as main responsibilities implementation and maintenance of culture, serological and molecular diagnostic assays, global clinical trial operations business development and client contacts. At the same time he also took up a part time job as assessor ISO15189 for the Dutch Board for Accreditation. By working more than 24 years in both academic and commercial virus diagnostic laboratories he has built up experience in managing an ISO15189 accredited laboratory with more than 40 co-workers and developing and implementation of diagnostic methods and implementing logistic operations for patient management and clinical trials. He has been on missions to the Middle East (Syria/Lebanon/Egypt), West Africa (Cape Verde Isles/Gambia/Guinnee Conakry), Brazil and Indonesia to assist WHO and local governments in evaluating country preparedness for virus outbreaks and was amongst others involved in the global outbreak response for SARS-CoV-1; influenza H1N1pdm09 and Ebola. As consultant he has extensive experience with pre-clinical development; human challenge studies and clinical trial management for antivirals and vaccines. During his career he published more than 125 scientific articles with also senior authorships on articles amongst others in New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Lancet and Journal of Infectious Diseases.